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So you're walking down a crowd
So you're walking down a crowded hallway. Or not. Take another look. The people you saw are mere shadows, cast by one solitary man in the corner, made by the unfortunate placement of lights down the hallway. But are you in a hallway? Maybe this is a stadium. A vacant, open Colosseum of your mind.  A solitary figure steps up to the pitcher's mound. It points up at you, and calls your name. And then, darkness. You fall... And fall... You panic, you can't die yet! But something nags at your mind... What... What did you still have to do with your life? Oh yeah, you've still got laundry to do. You close your eyes, and wake up in the laundry room of your house. You open the dryer and suddenly, a buzzing. It starts out small, but grows until a loud roar can be heard over much of the area. You clutch your ears and drop to the ground and close your eyes. Eventually, the sound dies down, and you stand up, opening your eyes. Underwater. You feel no need to breathe, for some reason. You see t
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Bizarralara Proposal, Part 1
Bizarralara Chapter 1: Mican (Red/White/Blue)
Proposal: Mican is a world half empty. No one dies, no one is born, everyone merely ascends into the aether. There is no night. The sun dips to the horizon for 8 hours a day, but never goes down. The next eight hours is a torrential downpour, and the last eight hours is broad daylight before "sunset" again. The entire shard is either flatland, city, or sea. No shade or cover is available, all is visible. Indeed, from the tallest spire in the plane, it is said that with a strong enough telescope, one can see their own back. No war, deviance, hunger, pain, or struggle is ever felt here, the only drive is passion. The Micans, having transcended mortal needs, only create new works of art on their large plains. When a Mican has fulfilled their life's work, they ascend, with their family fondly celebrating their existance on the plain. With no new life being created, soon there will be nothing left on the shard except silence. Silence, color, and
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I Don't Want To Be Anything But Me
I don't want to be anything but me.
Snarky, sweet, adorkably cute.
I have an overabundance of trivial knowledge
That I deign to... and I can't even get the words.
Ain't that the truth?
Sure, we all have flaws,
(Although, of course, I'm perfect)
And I kid, I kid, -ducks for flying shoes-
I don't want to be anything but me,
Because while, yes, a little makeover would
Make a world of difference,
I wouldn't dare show it
To anyone but my best
Friends. So what is
The Point? None at
All. I still have
A wonderful life
And friends...
Oh, my friends. How I never
Expected a delightfully bitter
Kid such as myself could ever...
Ever attain such wonderfully witty
I don't EVER want to be anything but me.
Because sure, while a few changes are necessary,
One's personality is their own. Why fix what
Isn't broken? Sure, the amount of wit I have,
With the vitriol I spit, at every twit,
Might be seen as a bit bitter, and
Certainly can be toned down quite a bit,
Isn't a good jest the spice of l
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Through The Fire
I walk through Fire...
All day, every day...
Chaos abounds with no real end...
I walk through Fire...
And with the fire, a world awaits...
A Struggle to which there is no victor.
I walk through Fire...
And a dangerous, blazing choice ensues...
Continue this blazing path of pain... Or...
I walk through Fire...
And yet I realize... I feel no fear.
For, when flame is nothing... What can harm you?
I walk through Fire...
The Fire is not destruction...
The Fire is light... Courage... Wisdom...
I walk through Fire...
And I walk through it...
With you...
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Cinderfella AKA A Modern Fable
Cinderfella AKA A Modern Fable
A Stepmother, two stepsisters...
Where have we heard this before?
Chores, chores, chores, all day long,
Though, not one complaint from the poor kid.
Actually... This kid has had a good life.
No beatings. All the technology one could ever want.
But oppression? Perhaps. Ambiguous, indeed.
School is first and foremost.
The Stepmother? Not wicked, actually quite genial.
The Stepsisters? Beautiful, and too good for the troubles of this world.
A Father, but one who genuinely tries to do the best...
For the Cinderfella...
But. There is something special in this Cinderfella.
A storybook ending, though? Not likely...
Too few in this too, too cynical world.
An idealist, indeed, but one proved wrong far too often...
One can only hope, however. This Cinderfella...
Looking for a Princess, a castle, riches of his own.
A chance to shine...
A chance... to be more than the sum of the expectations of him...
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A Touch Of Madness Epilogue
November 28th, 2012
“No, you can’t do this to me! Do you know who I am?”
The white coat grabs me and drags me through the door. “Now, calm down, sweetie, you’ll be just fine in a little while. We’re going to a nice place.”
“I’m not insane! I swear! I’m God! I can prove it! Cindi! Cindi knows! Get her!”
A cop grabs my shoulder. “Sweetheart, Cindi is filing for a restraining order right now. Her family is pressing charges for your abduction of their daughter.”
“But she’s my girlfriend! She came with me willingly! We’re TV stars! C’mon, call Tobias and Agatha Angeles, they’ll vouch for me.”
“Who? I have no idea who you’re talking about.”
“But… But they’re huge TV stars… I thought everyone knew them…”
“Hon, are you sure you weren’t just hallucinating these Angeles people?”
“Positive! They
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A Touch of Madness Chapter 27
Chapter 27
Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men (And Women, Children, Immortals, and Others!)
December 24, 2012
We eventually decided that we needed to leave Paradise. You know, things to do, people to see. I know, aww…
Cindi and I have a huge Christmas party before we leave again for New Orleans. The show was a huge hit, so we had a million fans show up. “EEE, it’s Hannah and Kathy Jones!” Yes, we got married. It was a small ceremony. Lol, nope. It was one of the largest Hollywood weddings ever! Who woulda thought I’d ever marry a star! Well, who ever thought I’d ever be a star in the first place? And yes, I took Cindi’s fake last name. I felt it was more natural than dual names, and she wanted a rather normal last name so that we wouldn’t draw attention so easily. Well, that plan failed, but it was still a nice try. And of course, after that, we had a simply heavenly (pardon my pun) honeymoon back in Paradise. I know, I couldn’t l
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A Touch of Madness Chapter 28
Chapter 28
The Aftermath
December 25, 2012
So, after we wake up in the morning, we go straight to Cindi’s parents’ house. They don’t believe our story for the longest time. It takes several hours of intense deliberation before they come around. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
“I don’t believe this is my Cindi. Cindi’s in her room, sleeping.”
I sigh. “Is she, Mr. Smith? Is she really?”
He grabs me by my arms and lifts me into the air. “What did you do to my daughter? Is this some sort of ransom deal? Why did you drag Mrs. Joplin into this? Do you have Luna too? Is that it?”
I smiles and wave him down. “Whoa, whoa. Mr. Smith, there’s nothing wrong with you daughter. She’s right here. I’m serious.”
Mrs. Smith rolls her eyes. “I’m not buying any of this. How could they have gotten to you, MaryAnn?  These are the ravings of a madman!”
Mother smiles. “They
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A Touch Of Madness Chapter 26
Chapter 26
Huh, Maybe He’s Not Such A Bad Guy After All
As I turn to leave, Lucifer stops Uriel. “It’s good to see you again, brother.”
Uriel smiles. “And you too. Hope to see you again someday, hopefully under lighter circumstances.”
He nods. “Indeed.”
I almost shed a tear at this family reunion. “This is so nice. I never thought my fondest memory would ever be in Hell of all places.”
Uriel shrugs. “There’s always room for surprises.”
“Indubitably. That’s always true.”
“Now, c’mon Luna, let’s get out of here and check on your
“Oh yes, let’s.”
“Luna?” Lucifer calls after me. “I just got word from one of my tormenters, and he tells me that there’s someone who knows you and wants a word with you first.”
“Oh? Well, let’s just pay them a visit. Which circle?”
“Ah, got it.&
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A Touch of Madness Chapter 25
Chapter 25
Ending the Torment: Part One (AKA: PLOT TWIST! AGAIN!)
Light fills the grand mine, shining exuberantly. Demons hiss and scatter, most bursting into flames as the divine light hits them. The ones who don’t, I slaughter with my sword. Then, I hit one who refuses to die by my fire. His dark suit refuses to burn, he refuses to turn around, he’s just a stubborn demon in general. “Show your face, demon!” He cocks his head.
“Now, Luna, why would I do that? You would only blast me. As long as you can’t see my face, you don’t know how to kill me.”
“Tell. Me. Your. Name.”
“Cordevens Tost. Demon of Rejection. Not a single being can touch me without seeing my face. I reject all damage. All I touch rejects immortal power. I am the sole demon who can survive indefinitely in Tartarus, for I am the ultimate Lawful Evil. I reject all chaos, ordering it to bend to my whim passively. I am Satan’s true right hand man, thoug
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A Touch Of Madness Chapter 24
Chapter 24
Shit Just Got Real Part Three: In Glorious 2D!
“OF COURSE, MY QUEEN!” He comes screaming down, swinging his brilliant sword.
“Frank. Or whatever they’re calling you these days.”
“To be frank,” Both of them glare at me for the horrible pun, “Frank doesn’t seem like such a great demonic name.”
“It’s not. Just no one can remember it because he keeps changing it every other week, so we decided to call him Frank, and it kinda stuck.”
“Um, Uriel, I’m nervous. That doesn’t sound like a good thing.”
“It’s not. But on the bright side, it’s a great place to learn how to fight.”
“Um, why?
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A Touch Of Madness Chapter 23
Chapter 23
Shit Just Got Real Two: Electric Boogaloo ((AKA: Now It’s Personal))
“CINDI! I’M COMING FOR YOU!” I charge out of the building, plowing through walls, to walk out into a war zone. “Oh… My… Word…”
Ruins lay where the once bustling city of LA was. Man, this guy works FAST. I see a zombified dragon flying off with Agatha and Cindi. The beast is spewing putrid “flames,” though I hesitate to use that word. Whatever the beam touches begins to decay. Humans zombify and attack their once friends, demons return from being despawned, buildings char and crumble, metal rusts and disintegrates, twisting and corrupting. As I look around, this once beautiful city is being remolded into a city from Hell. The powdery metal and rubble reforms into sickening green ooze that begins to inch across all inorganic material, strengthening and corrupting it further. When it touches an organic substance, it begins to dissolve it, rap
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A Touch of Madness Chapter 22
Chapter 22
I Meet My General and Almost Lose My Head (In More Ways Than One)
So 20 minutes later in heaven time, I’m in Paradise. And again. PARADISE. Not a bad name for it. It truly is a little heaven on earth. It looks like the most pristine and beautiful places on earth all rolled into one. And so, I follow my ears to where everyone’s swinging swords at trees. You know, if there wasn’t a demonic zombie apocalypse imminent, this would be an extremely retarded thing to do.
Anyway, eventually, I find the training grounds. Huh. Normal angels are about human sized. You know, maybe really tall for a human, maybe upper 6 foot, lower 7 foot, but not the 12 foot monstrosities I saw in the upper angels. And then I see the biggest angel I’ve ever met. Easily 30 feet tall, and carrying a sword the size of a tree in one hand. I’m guessing by principle of badassery, that he’s either Uriel, or his right hand man. I’m already scared shitless, and I’m
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A Touch Of Madness Chapter 21
Chapter 21
Shit Just Got Real
“What do you mean I’m on trial? You can actually do that? And what’s the big problem?”
Armaita sighs. “I’m sorry, Luna. But we’ve got to tell you a few things. Sit down.”
Hamaliel, clearly enjoying his position of power and not much wanting me to remain her for long, quickly talks me through the proceedings. “Luna Joplin, 35 incarnation of the one true God, you are on trial for being a menace to society. Your crimes include casual smiting, creation and destruction of entire timelines, blatant miracle working in broad eye, and homosexual relations. How do you plead?”
Armaita stops him right there. “That’s not how we decided we were going to handle this, and you know it. Mortal judicial systems are horribly inadequate for these kinds of crimes anyway. Just talk her through this again.”
He sighs overdramatically, “FINE, I will. Anyway. You are charged with casual smiting. You
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A Touch Of Madness Chapter 20
Chapter 20
Armaita (Remember her?) looks down on us from high. “D’aww… Knew they were perfect for each other… Unfortunately, the council will not be happy about this.”
She’s summoned by Hamaliel, Angel of Logic. “Yes?”
“Round up the others, we need a meeting.”
She sighs. “Yes sir.”
And therefore, she goes around giving a summons to the other angels: Hamied, Angel of Miracles, Haamiah, Angel of Integrity, Adnachiel, Angel of Independence, Anael, Angel of Romantic Love, Iahhel, Angel of Meditation, Liwet, Angel of Invention, Maion, Angel of Self Discipline, Metatron, Angel of Thought, Mihael, Angel of Loyalty, Mihr, Angel of Friendship, and Baglis, Angel of Moderation.
Hamaliel clears his throat and begins the meeting, steepling his fingers on the podium. “Now, wait, where is our Lady? She needs to be here. She is the one on trial.”
Liwet looks around, confus
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A Touch Of Madness Chapter 19
Chapter 19
Now With 20% More Mad Libs!
Agatha hoots, “PARTY. WE NEED PARTIES. NOW. We need to celebrate the finishing of the end of the season!”
Cindi smirks. “I know, right? I can’t believe we got the whole season filmed in a week.”
I blow on my knuckles and smile. “You are very welcome.”
Tobias blinks. “The power of time skipping.”
Sophie thinks for a moment. “What do we need for a party, anyway? I kinda had a sheltered childhood.”
We all think a while. “…”
Tobias shakes his head. “I got nothing.”
Agatha is bubbly.
“Do you have something, Aggie?”
“Um, no, I am just excited about the party! Whoo!”
Cindi shrugs. “I always had way too much to do to go to parties.”
I shrug too. “And I always just didn’t care about people. Scared someone would slip something in my drink.”
Sophie sighs. “Then we need to do research.”
We all blink
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RAIN - Shirt Design 2 [Edit 2-20-15] by JocelynSamara RAIN - Shirt Design 2 [Edit 2-20-15] :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 198 135 RAIN p307+308 - Just Like Him by JocelynSamara RAIN p307+308 - Just Like Him :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 106 160
Season Dance
The year starts off in the usual trance;
It's time for the Earth to begin her dance.
Her beautiful grace and magical charms
Make Spring coax her over into his arms.
Round and round the partners twirl,
His flowery scent sends Earth's brain a-whirl.
Spring loves the Earth, thinks they'll never part
Until Summer comes to steal her heart.
His hot, hot hands warm her as they spin,
Summer just wants their love to begin.
Before she can answer the lover's call,
Her partner is gone and replaced by Fall.
His colorful suit glistens as they dance -
Maybe now this is the real romance!
His chilly hands clench as he sees her fate,
Earth's now with Winter, her chosen mate.
His lovely, pale face smiles at his girl.
Winter hopes for her heart as he gives her a twirl.
The year ends and Earth is to stop their dance
To give her sweet Spring another chance.
:icondecepticondanceparty:DecepticonDanceParty 5 23
For Love My Bell Tolls
For love my bell tolls
A strong ringing call
It longs for an answer
For love does it chime.
For love my bell's tolling
As strong as the first
Yet it seems to be rolling
O'er far hills unheard.
For love my bell hopes
A clear love-filled song
It's booming and singing
For love do I long.
For love my bell sighs
Its chiming seems faint
It rings o'er the land
But is it in vain?
For love my bell cries
An echoing ring
It calls out for souls
But to whom will it sing?
For love my bell weeps
A loud ringing wail
Searching forever
Is it so I have failed?
For love my bell mourns
A deep dark lament
Will no one come
to the call it has sent?
For love my bell died.
Its call is no more.
For no one would answer
its knock at the door.
For love my bell dreamed
But never found home
The bell sits in silence
forever alone.
:icondecepticondanceparty:DecepticonDanceParty 5 68
The Wanderers: Muses of an Enderman
      I am a wanderer. I wasn't always a wanderer. It's strange how life warps itself around to where I cannot understand it anymore.
      Oh, I'm rambling again. Forgive me, love. My poor brain can only focus on so much.
      So here I am, wandering through the night again as I always have. That's what an enderman does, really. We wander. Explore. Discover.
      Not so different from you miners, eh?
      I think I'm in a forest biome now. The trees and wolves should have tipped me off. There's not very much water here, which is something I can appreciate. Water and I do not mix. The shade from the trees will keep me safe, I hope. Daylight and I don't mix, either. It's odd that my species has so many weaknesses. It hinders a lot.
      Despite that quibble, I like the area I've settled in. It's unnatural for an enderman to settle, but I'm unnatural as is. After all, it takes a true freak to be banished from the End. It wouldn't hurt to become a bit weirder.  
      Oh, right. I did
:icondecepticondanceparty:DecepticonDanceParty 9 32
Icy Cube First Attempt for Veloceryx and Others by DecepticonDanceParty Icy Cube First Attempt for Veloceryx and Others :icondecepticondanceparty:DecepticonDanceParty 15 80 WAAPT Group Shot 2012 by PikaNinja7 WAAPT Group Shot 2012 :iconpikaninja7:PikaNinja7 13 12 Eskay - Character Portrait by PikaNinja7 Eskay - Character Portrait :iconpikaninja7:PikaNinja7 10 7 Shining Gothorita for acedude96 by Z-Lightning-Z Shining Gothorita for acedude96 :iconz-lightning-z:Z-Lightning-Z 9 2 Pokemon trainer Creator v.2 by Hapuriainen Pokemon trainer Creator v.2 :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 19,029 10,358 The Kiss by A-Eadie The Kiss :icona-eadie:A-Eadie 8 5


So, I saw a Tumblr Post the other day (slightly paraphrased):

"Experts believe that in the last X seconds of your life, you see every last detail of your life over again. At the end of that, then, do you see your life flash again? And again? And again?" LIFECEPTION.


So, what if in one of those loops, you gained PERFECT CLARITY OF EVERY PREVIOUS LOOP? Then you would be able to affect the loop you are currently in. But then what if you got Perfect Clarity in every loop? Then you would be able to affect every loop to the point that you knew everything that would ever happen in your life. And ever could.



Then by telling someone about the Perfect Clarity, they would gain Perfect Clarity too. Then they could pass the Perfect Clarity to someone else too. Which would be EVERYONE THEY'VE EVER MET. EVER. This means their parents. And their parents would pass on the Perfect Clarity to their parents. And so one. This means EVENTUALLY EVERY PERSON ON EARTH would have Perfect Clarity. And not only every person on earth now, but every person on earth EVER. This means, that eventually, every person would have effective omniscience. Which would include the thoughts of every person ever. Which would create a perfect level of benevolence because after a point, being mean to someone is being mean to yourself.


After a point, everyone gets bored with omniscience. At this point they try for omnipotence too. They already know every timeline that could ever happen, so they realize what it takes to flip a coin and have it land on any side any time they want. This knowledge makes randomness end. Well, at least as much as is possible by human possibilities. So the man (as I will be calling the mass consciousness that is humanity from here on out) will begin looking for ways to extend human possibilities. This will get to the logical extension that everything from the winds to the rotation of the planets to the motion of molecules will be planned. And at the point that the man can control the motion of molecules, they begin trying to control the structure of molecules. At which point the man will end up fusing together to create One Person in body and mind. At which point MAN BECOMES ONE WITH GOD.

Mind = Blown.
  • Listening to: Queen
  • Reading: Anything and everything.
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Pokemon B2W2
  • Eating: See Reading
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper (And its various knockoffs...)

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